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Author Topic: Ellen from Diamonds  (Read 2082 times)

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Offline UN_Dr


I saw Ellen on Friday after reading the positive reviews and boy was I glad I did. One of my best punts in a long time. What a girl she is.

Communication - usual good come with diamonds. Saw that she started at 10 so booked a couple of days in advance. Texted in the morning and was sent the address. Unfortunately they didn't tell Ellen and she was waiting to go for a spray tan half an hour before the appointment as she told them she was starting later. Luckily for me she had agreed to come in and made it to appointment on time.

Location - new one for me. An apartment in Gateshead right next to the high level bridge. Not one of the worst diamonds apartments that I've visited but not great. Bit of a squeaky bed and the toilet wouldn't flush!!

Appearance - cute girl. Age appears correct. By her own admission about a stone heavier than at her best but has started with a personal trainer. I was most defiantly sexually attracted to her and she probably a 7/10.

The meeting - arrived 10 minutes early and phoned. Got number and was buzzed up. Ellen had only just arrived due to not being told about an earlier start and as I was early that was fine. Was offered a drink and taken into the lounge while she got ready. All fine with me. At this point the other girl macho was working the flat turned up. She seemed nice and chatty to. Fit as well. Asked if she had an appointment and was told she was booked at same time as I was with Ellen. Not overly pleased with this but was in the room and never noticed anyone being in with Zoe so didn't distract me.
Ellen came and got me wearing a black bodice and underwear. The paperwork was sorted and she texted the agency.  We went through what she does and doesn't like and the only no was anal. Otherwise it was "anything you like". We started with some nice dfk and after a while undressed each other. Ellen then slid down and started to give me a fantastic deep and sloppy owo with a real effort to take as much as she could to the point of her gag reflex. Honestly one of the best bj's ive had. Even better than Tori Taylor and certainly as good and Lily and Eva. For someone who was in her third week she was very good and feeling what I enjoyed with lots of licking of my shaft and balls too. She was more than happy to do whatever I asked and we moved into a 69 with her head over the end of the bed so I could go nice and deep. She was very responsive to the ro too. I then asked if she did rimming which she performed very well for someone so young and inexperienced. I couldn't wait any longer and on went the condom for me to fuck her cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, mish and doggy before I rolled her over whipped off the condom and game all over her face and in her mouth. She seems to enjoy it quite forceful too with some hair pulling and my hand across her throat pulling her back into my cock. After cleaning up we had a nice chat and she told me she only just got back from Australia and was doing this to build up her savings while waiting for a reference to come through to start a job. So she may not be around for long. After a bit I was ready for round two and we repeated most of the things from previous. There was no clock watching and having started early we finished over the hour too.

In summary - get booked in while you can guys. She is a real superstar. I had a great time and will certainly book next time I'm up in Newcastle.

Good review!! She sounds great, think I may have to be paying her a visit be for she has gone

Excellent review...nice to hear of a young lass who puts some effort into it although I imagine the continuing saga of 2 in the flat will put a lot of potential punters off.

Offline johnny34

Great review thanks...been trying to see Ellen for the last couple of weeks but our schedules have not matched yet, hopefully soon as she sounds great.

Offline Toshiba

2 in a flat  :dash: :dash:

I give up on agencies now

Just thinking...Didnt Saskia of Diamonds go to Australia late last year..back under a new name?

Offline Highlander

Just thinking...Didnt Saskia of Diamonds go to Australia late last year..back under a new name?

No mate, I've seen both and it's definitely not the same girl.

Offline walter

Do you reckon she'd be happy to swallow UN_Dr?

Offline dino1990

Cim but I asked her to swallow and she said she didn't enjoy that.

Offline Toshiba

Cim but I asked her to swallow and she said she didn't enjoy that.


Offline sesalovdarlo

Did she stick her tongue right in when giving you a rim job? Or did she just lick your hole? What about the facial? Did she flinch/squirm when u splashed on her?

No point in opening a new review considering UN saw her only a few days ago so any way...booked her for an hour today..comms were fine with me just being told the Quayside venue as opposed to usual epic text message.
Arrived 5 mins early and was told Ellen was having difficulty getting parked..tell me about it..its bloody chaos down there at the moment  and as I knocked on the door she came out of the lift offering apologies.

Tbh it was a bit of a turn on seeing her in her civvies knowing the mischief we would hopefully be getting down to in a few minutes...The flat was a bit of a tip but there were clean towels and I grabbed a shower while Ellen slipped into her gear..Facially she is attractive and wore minimal make up  and is quite toned.
Straight into DFK and then RO..she gets really into this without shouting the place down.
Then some rimming before Ellen took over and gave a quite splendid sloppy OWO .plenty of eye contact..hurrah! and deep throating to the point of gagging..right up there with Morgan imho.
A bit mutual masturbation..more oral ..then into mish with her legs on my shoulders and c'est voila as they say in Wallsend.
Nice chat..says she has been really busy but  says she doesnt read UKP..yeah right..they all say that !!

Would definitely recommend but hurry up chaps cos the offer ends soon..shes starting a full time job in the next month..overall a really nice lass with a good positive attitude.

P.s...she was working alone when I saw her but guess what..someone else was starting a little later..

Forgot to mention next up its Savannah at the weekend..first 1:1 with her since May and she's not working in the wilds of Northumberland..Review will follow can't wait.

I have seen ellen twice now.
I have to say, she is the best,  most genuine  relaxed wg I have been with. I don't go for the pse,  more of gfe.
If she is acting being natural and just making the most of it, she deserves an Oscar.  Maybe it's because she is so new,  but I have definately felt the most relaxed and genuine out of everyone I have seen. I didn't feel rushed in anyway. Unlike other wgs where you feel they are willing you to cum.

During the act I did think this is mind blowing.  Just because it doesn't seem fake in anyway.

She is a top girl, best I have seen for what I like.  Hope she doesn't disappear too soon
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Offline Toshiba

Sounds decent enough, thanks for round 2

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