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Timing: Aisha arrived on time. (Got here in 20 minutes)
Looks: Looks wise she is 8/10 Asian girl (indian) B Cup
Attitude: 9/10. Polite
Personality: Easy to get on with and happy.
Clockwatcher? : No.
Services: Not many. Covered BJ.  Doesn't let you cum on her tits or anywhere on her - Would have been positive if she offered more services. BJ was average (didn't have sex as I just wanted a BJ)
Price: £120 (£110 in London)

Positives: Attitude, personality, looks and not a clockwatcher
Negatives: Not enough services.

Decided to have myself a 'danger punt' as I like to call it. I had a free house for 3 hours. Decided to phone up this escort agency. Receptionist was polite. I asked her what women were available tonight and she said Aishya. I noticed she did not have any face pics but sometimes you have to TOFTT. so booked the out call.

Preliminaries are very important so sorted through all my high valuables and locked them all up under lock and key. Took the exact money I needed and put it into an old torn wallet I did not need.

Aisha had a positive bubbly with fiesty undertones. Very easy to get on with. She is the kind of girl you'd see getting drunk and chatting shit in the smoking area (not the next door type).  Got to the paperwork and I said 'How much is it? She said 'How much did the agency quote you? I said it said on the website £120.

Paperwork sorted and onto the punt. Straight to kissing (only allows on your cheek) and went straight for the covered BJ. BJ technique was not spectacular but the kind you'd get from your local civvy after a piss up. Went for sex for about 30 seconds (responsive) and decided to just let her blow me to the finish.

All in all quite a vanilla service and I only scored it neutral because of a lack of services. It was not a negative because she was good looking and had a good attitude and we discussed services beforehand and she did exactly as she said she would.

If you want to bang a hot girl then go for it - if you prefer more services and a more realistic girlfriend experience go for Christine (check previous review)

Would I return ? I would return to the escort agency (all reviews positive) but would like to see Aisha upgrade her services if i were returning to see her.

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