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Author Topic: Impulse Escorts  (Read 764 times)

Offline Mr C

Any recommendations with this London based agency?

Kind and friendly ladies
The opportunity to cum at least twice

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Offline 1dt

think they have been around for a long time, but not much known/reviews about them??
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Offline bensonhedges20

I had one booking with them and it was a bit unprofessional.

Booking was with http://www.impulse247.co.uk/local-escorts/escort-neesha.html

Girl in question did look like the pictures.
Services were reserved and limited.
Unsure if I asked the receptionist about services but girl makes them up as per the client.
Bad description of "party girl". She was new to the scene and vanilla gfe and reserved. Not confident. Also is natural down below if you like that kind of thing. For me it was a turn off.

Girl was Late. Not ideal if you have plans.

As for the agency:
Prices are cheap.
Clueless - don't allow advance bookings and would rather have you call on the day.
They have no decent timekeeping.
If you book a girl for 6 she won't arrive till 7 as they have a driver ( or drivers) who drives the girl to and from the booking
 Secondly, the girl will call you as she's in the car but from a private number. Lastly, upon arrival the girl had no idea on the length of time booked.

Overall I had a bad experiance.

Agency: negative (main job is to deliver a girl on time to a location and it's unprofessional)
Girl: neutral

I don't believe there is a come once per hour limit but we didn't get round to round two.

Unsure if I should have put this in review section.
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