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Author Topic: Anyone seen Lia?  (Read 874 times)

Offline Markus

Would appreciate some feedback especially from Steve2 as this is his territory:


Offline ddfun

I think Markus was asking about this girl.


Looks like she works at the same place as this girl, or at least she used to.......walls a dead give away.


Markus, is 2822693 the chick you were enquiring about?

Offline Markus


Yeh, I think so. Pics are not clear but she was blond and looks the same. Pictures in the other profile were clearer.

Have you seen either of the two? They definitely work out of the same flat, what are the chances of two WGs having the same appalling wallpaper  :P

Offline ddfun

No I haven't seen either of them but Kyra (2822693) looks appealing.

Shapely looking milf.

Offline Markus

They both look rough but worth a go. Unluckily for them I have many others above them on my HL so unless someone provides positive feedback or I get mass cancellations, I won't see either of them until the mid of Feb.

It's been a good January as far as punting goes, just hope it continues this way.

Offline ddfun

Another one using that fantastic backdrop for their profile pics !!!


Offline Markus

That's the pick of the bunch. You going to TOFTT?

Offline ddfun

Kyra maybe at the back end of the week....

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