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Author Topic: Mermaid Lola - Finchley  (Read 1647 times)

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Offline Markus

Let me begin by saying that this woman is not most people's cup of tea in terms of looks. I was eager to meet my resolution of two punts a month and had a meeting finish early in High Barnet. A quick browse of AW brought this profile up, available and with 3 positive reviews.

Made a phone call and confirmed for an hour later. Texts and communication was very good. Arrived at East Finchley station and a 10 minute walk to her block of flats.  She texted me the Flat Number when I confirmed I was there.

Very Clean - smelt nice and as I proceeded to take my clothes off she put them neatly on a rack (possibly a time wasting technique but she also made me take my shoes off and her bathroom/bedroom were spotless so probably an OCD thing)
Ample tits and butt to play with.
OWO was very good - As she boasts on AW she has a mouth to die for and really pays great attention with her technique
Very friendly and even though her English wasn't good, made an effort.
Not a clock watcher

I like Eye contact during OWO and she was more focused on my cock (not a bad thing)
Sex was good in missionary and doggy (Protected)
Doesn't enjoy kissing it seems (did however passionately kiss me a lot when I was pounding her in missionary into her headboard  ;)

Room quite small and not well lit
Slagged off her roommate as being unclean and having a smelly cunt even though I found this funny. Didn't meet her roommate but wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to keep punters away from competition.
Even though I had given her an hours notice, she was half asleep when I arrived and took some time to warm up. The fact that she kept me waiting outside for 5 mins outside a bus stop with lots of people there wasn't too pleasing
Wasn't the best looking

I gave this a neutral because when she warmed up she was very good. She proceeded to hand me a soft drink on my way out but I chucked it away at the nearest bin and walked in to a lively pub near the station and had a quick pint.  She told me that she will allow me to cum 3 times on my next visit to make up for this time but not sure if I will be back. She seems like she parties a lot which may be why she sleeps during the day (another person has commented on it on her AW feedback)


1 review(s) found for MERMAID LOLA linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline punk

Seems ok for a quick cheap punt, thanks for the review.

Wonder who her other workmate is? If what she says is true one to avoid.

Offline Markus

Not sure but if you're in the area, worth a punt.

Offline Terry 7 incher

50 quid an hour.......that's cheap
Banning reason: Troll

Damn!! £50 for an hour!!! But her AW account has a alert on there??

Offline Markus

That's her, it wasn't a B&S otherwise I woukd have walked.

Offline snowman

hey guys. any1 know if she is still around? or have a link to a working profile on AW? saw her a couple of times and lost her number now. cheers

Offline yumyum3

The link doesn't work anymore and to be honest there was always something fishy about her.
A friend of mine in the Navy reckons he spotted her off the coast of Newfoundland about 2 weeks ago and that she looked like Daryl Hannah.

Offline snowman

indeed. there was something funny about her! but hey.. I couldn't resist the £50h and a great rack! thanks anyway fella

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