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Author Topic: Ischgl skiing/lap dancing  (Read 1336 times)

Wow just had the time of my life :D any of you guys into skiing you should give ischgl a try :cool:
Three lap dancing bars with loads of young beauties, spent a fortune but best weeks fun for a long time :wackogirl:
Maybe we should have an organised trip next year :thumbsup:

Offline Captain Caveman

The 'Ibiza of the Alps', apparently

What were the prices in the lappy clubs like and was there a relaxed attitude to touching and extras?

Banning reason: Making racist slur

Sounds intriguing. 

Since we're on the subject, make sure you check out 'The Mega Brothel' on C4 next Thursday.  It's an hour long docu filmed in the five story Paradise club in Stuttgart. 

If laws every change in this country, I swear I'll be moving into the brothel business!

Offline webpunter

Any potential for 'takeouts' ?
A good refresher for my ski-ing & hookers thread
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Don't get me wrong, the lap dancing is not a patch on punting here in the UK :thumbsup:
It's just that normally on a ski holiday all the bars are packed with 9 guys to every girl, whereas for some reason two of the lap dancing bars wearnt that packed, and it's such a nice feeling to have the female attention
Prices work out very expensive mind 40 euros for a dance, you are allowed to play with their boobs and some will let you rub their pussies, no fingering though :(
The coyote bar was packed and every 20 min or so the music would change and around 10 girls would climb onto the bar with fuckall on and start dancing :yahoo:
The living room was good too with some very nice girls.
My favorite bar though was called 'the insider' as you walked to go into Burger King you turned right, went down stairs and there you were in a lap dancing bar, this would be a brilliant idea for fast food outlets everywhere :yahoo:
I'm sure some of the girls could of been persuaded to come back to the hotels, but if I had of been shagging all night there's no way I could have been skiing all day too.
All in all it was just a pleasant change for us to go on a skiing holiday and have so much fun in the evening and so much female attention, but if it's shagging your after then go to Amsterdam  :hi:

Sssshhhh..... Been going there since the late 90's when we were pretty much the only Brits in the resort.... Don't tell everyone about the place FFS..... Best kept secret in The Alps.... You should try the opening party last week in NOV or the closing party.... Bouncing!

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