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Author Topic: New to site  (Read 407 times)

Hi folks :
I am just new to the site(which i wish i could found it earlier  :dash: ).
I would like to ask you guys how many of you have been visited a girl without face photo before ? I am absounately a MILF lover , found one with reasonable price on AW. Apprently , there's no face pic on her profile and with only one feedback . Is it worth to take the risk ? Heres her profile : https://www.adultwork.com/2281696.
If any of you have visit her before , please share your opinions that would great help for me .. :yahoo:  :drinks:

Offline Malvolio

I've visited profiles without a face photo.  Worth doing if it's not too far for you to travel, but be prepared to walk away if you don't like what you see.

Offline nigel4498

I normally ask if they can email me a face pic, nearly all have done.
I have taken the chance in the past without a face pic and think I have been lucky as none were that bad looking really.

cheers guys , i will email her to see if i can get her face pic via email or not .

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