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Author Topic: Lily of London  (Read 1323 times)

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Offline OnTheSly

I thought that I'd write my first review about a WG I met late last year which was a complete disaster and I wish that I hadn't gone ahead with the booking (in fact had I found this website before then, I wouldn't have gone).

https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1228851 - https://www.adultwork.com/Lily+of+London

Communications at first were excellent - I started with an email on AW about 2 weeks prior to the meeting and she was very attentive and filled me with confidence that the meeting would be great.  I mean she's tiny and offers A-Levels - what more could I want?!

The day before the meeting she asked if we could move it earlier by an hour - this was a little bit of a pain (it was a 2 hour booking) as I had work meetings but I managed to move things around to ensure that I didn't have to shave time off our meeting.  On the day I text her 15 minutes prior to the new agreed time, and she text back saying the hotel room wasn't ready and could I keep myself busy for 15 minutes.  15 minutes went and the room was still not ready - eventually the room became available at the original time we had booked (OK not her fault but still not a great start).

Nothing more was said about the later start - I was just happy to finally meet her.  Facially she is gorgeous a real stunner and in her clothes wow - I thought I had won the lottery with this one.  Money was left in an envelope on the side as requested before the meet.

I personally like to start the meeting with a little strip tease to get me in the mood and this is when things went down hill.  She was as close to seductive as a bee sting and then when she took her g-string off it looked like she had lost a serious amount of weight as the stretch marks were really bad on her arse (gorgeous shape though).  As for boobs, let's just say I think they are more AAA than A cups.

Again whilst she looked better in clothes than out of them this wasn't the worst thing.  Throughout the meeting she was constantly checking the time on her phone and texting (I presume her next client).  After getting 1 1/2 hours through our time she asked me if I wanted to carry on - I said sure, we've still got another 30 minutes left and she said that she had someone else coming in 5 minutes so could I leave!  She kindly offered to give me back £100 of the money (which she actually only gave me £80 in the end - didn't count when in the room) as she had to cut it short - but it did kill the mood and the whole experience.

When I booked she charged £500 for 2 hours.  She now charges this for 1 hour and I would certainly not recommend anyone take her up.

1 review(s) found for lily12345 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline adindas

£500 an hour ??
For comparison, search in this forum how much a well known porn star earn ??
Well it is your money .....


Thanks for the review - But a couple of questions -

1. What made you book this girl even at £500 for 2 hours with nothing on her profile to give you an idea of what she looks like?
2. Did you pay for her PG pictures and this was so convincing that you booked her for 2 hours.

Sorry it did not work out BUT IMO you were 100% correct to give her a Negative

Offline OnTheSly

When I booked her she did have photos up and looked amazing in them.

Personally I prefer paying a little bit of a premium for a less rushed service (which I didn't obviously get). It usually works out great for me and rarely get last minute let downs.

Offline UberX

I shall go for fucking 5 girls in 1 day for £500 in lieu of just one girl for £500 for 1 hr.  :blush:
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Offline shahrukh

sorry to hear about the op experience..  for a regular prossie to charge that amount is rubbish..
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Offline adindas

When I booked her she did have photos up and looked amazing in them.

Personally I prefer paying a little bit of a premium for a less rushed service (which I didn't obviously get). It usually works out great for me and rarely get last minute let downs.

Well. It is your money and if you are happy with that then continue it
But if a punter think the only way he could meet his preference by paying that amount then he should read more from the forum like this …

Offline OnTheSly

Totally agree with all that is said - I would never pay £500 for even 5 hours with her after my experience but her photos were very alluring - I've actually got some saved on my computer, shame you can't upload the images in a post as I'd share them.  Even looking at them again makes me think - wow she's hot, but then I remember what she's like without the clothes on and the experience I had then think: mug!

Offline Bushmills

Thanks for the warning. She had been on my HL as her previous images showed a very thin toned girl. But after she doubled her prices, I wasn't rushing to see her. Good thing this forum exists or I might have gone in the end.

Sorry you had a bad punt though.

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