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Author Topic: Does anyone else suffer the temptation to tip WGs?  (Read 2641 times)

Offline cueball

As long as I don't mix up my loyalty cards

Offline Ali Katt

As long as I don't mix up my loyalty cards
If you show your Subway card I heard you can "sub" her 6 inches.

Offline akauya

I'm a miserable bastard. I never tip.

Offline Sedlmayer

I'm a miserable bastard. I never tip.

Me neither - why would you?
Almost nobody earns £90:00 - £150:00 per hour with no qualifications.
Do you tip your dentist FFS?

Offline random

Me neither - why would you?
Almost nobody earns £90:00 - £150:00 per hour with no qualifications.
Do you tip your dentist FFS?

Exactly. I never have and never would.

Offline Marmalade


She gets a free drink if it's an outcall.  As long as she doesn't spend to long drinking it (I don't like to clockwatch on it but neither do I like wasting good alcohol. Always best to use small glasses.)

Offline Marmalade

Me neither - why would you?
Almost nobody earns £90:00 - £150:00 per hour with no qualifications.
Do you tip your dentist FFS?

Exactly. What's a tip to someone getting paid that sort of money. Here's a fiver -- oh thanks -- I needed a piece of paper to clean the shit off my shoe.

Offline a10

Never have, never will  :hi:

Most WGs are greedy bastards, do it once - they'll expect it every time.

On my first ever punt I tried to offer a tip like a numpty (rounded up the bill to the nearest 100) as I had such a good time.. she declined. don't be silly she said... ! Blimey.. respect... went back once more so good business sense I suppose. I hold her in high regards because of that and her service.. never tipped since though..

Offline Corus Boy

No I don't suffer it.  I usually tip good/better than expected service be it in a restaurant, taxi, collecting winnings in the betting shop.

So a small tip to a WG is not a problem for me, especially in a Chinese shop where we accept that 50% of your fee is going to the boss and the girl keeps all her extras and tips.  Sometimes I liken the tip to bribery, as the girls remember and the service gets even better on subsequent visits.
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Offline smiths

Me neither - why would you?
Almost nobody earns £90:00 - £150:00 per hour with no qualifications.
Do you tip your dentist FFS?

Just to clarify i occassionally tip regulars once who have offered me good service over many punts, about a tenner. The difference for ME between a Dentist and a WG is i HAVE to go to a Dentist and hate it whereas i love punting with good WGs. What others do is their business of course as what i do is mine.

Offline PTMU

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I usually give £10 or £20 to the girl I see most regularly because she charges the same or less than inferior vanilla girls but does exotic services, is eager to please and consistently gives me more than I ask for. I sometimes go slightly over my time, not deliberately, but she never complains about this or anything else and I see this as a fair pro rata payment. She never asks or hints and in fact usually looks embarressed when I give. I would do the same if any other girl gave me outstanding service. If you give a tip to any other worker who gives a good service why would you not give a tip to a working girl?

I agree, I think it's nice to give a tip to someone if they have been great and given you a good service. You tip bartenders etc as well, so why not make them feel a little extra special? And they will work harder next time :)

Offline west8

I only take the amount of cash necessary into the punt, so even if temptation did strike there'd be nothing I can do about it.


Works a treat. Only way to ensure the upper brain takes priority over the lower brain.

My punting mantra has always been a simple one: No more cash, no more gash :drinks:

Offline RedKettle

just to show some WGs have some business sense I was sent a text after I had left my second visit with a WG that said I had paid her £10 too much as I was now on the regular rate - she would knock if off next time.  I thought that was great.

Bear in mind that this was one of my older ladies that I see as a value punt at £50 for half an hour - so my next one will be £30 and then £40 thereafter.  :)

Will I tip her?  Will I hell.

Tempted to tip a prossie? You must be stark raving fucking mad.

Offline mf_1101

Never. I pay a price for a service, if it's exceptional I will come back. If it isn't, I don't.

If it's a "bargain" like the time I got a great service for an hour for £80 from Demi in Coventry, I just think "I found me a bargain here" and of course, come back. You don't go find your favorite meal buy one get one free then tip the person serving you at the counter for such a bargain.

Of course in this game I am more likely to find a rip off artist who promises service X and provides the opposite.

Offline monstar

Only if I don't have the correct notes on me - I'm not asking a WG for change! :wackogirl:
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Offline KennyMilkshake

If you agree a price for a service, then that's the price you pay.
If you get crap service you still have to pay the full bill, its just that you don't return there.

Might take a small gift next time to show appreciation but a return is always the best reward I can give.
Banning reason: Requested account termination. Banned for second and last time. Some people never change.

Offline cueball

a return is always the best reward I can give.

That's the only tip or gift needed

Offline stayer

It has never occurred to me to tip or bring her a present. If I really like her I'll become a repeat client, which is worth way more than a tip.

I was thinking of a small gift at Xmas, but thought the better of it. It would probably (wrongly) make her think that I was getting too attached/obsessive.

As others have said repeat custom is the biggest tip/compliment I can pay. Especially when you consider the amount of choice available to punters in London.

I'm a miserable bastard. I never tip.
I never tip too. Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs made it clear.  :hi:

Offline potata72

On my first punt I offered a tip and it was refused.  Never offered a tip since.  And I've never done gifts.

Offline Ali Katt

I don't tip, I try to get the full length in.

Offline Trevor12

I tipped on my first 2 punts as they ran over on time and I thought that was the expected thing to do. Haven't tipped since, but  good service earns repeat visits.

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