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Author Topic: Parissa HOD1 (House of Divine)  (Read 2294 times)

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Offline G-style


I met with Parissa at HOD 1 this week and it was a number of firsts for me.
My first visit to HOD; - Phoned up asked for Anna but the times didn't work so was offered Parissa, she looked good so went for it. When I arrived they asked me to wait in the toilet, not a good start, while they exited another gent. Still better than that awkward, no eye contact shuffle in the doorway.
Parissa, was already stood by the kitchen so i guess its 3 girls, 2 rooms.
So a quick switch and the into the room, offered a drink, water was fine, paperwork done and there off.

Now I was also trailing the "Super Kamagra" which is supposed to slow down the pop and keep you hard. I must say it did the trick on both counts and only half a tablet. This forum is fantastic.

Right so Parissa got down to it and she gives fabulous oral, now normally after a couple of mins I'm having to ask the girl to slow down but I'm hard as iron and really enjoying this but not too much if you know what i mean. I then had a little taste of her, very nice not sure she's all that keen on a fingering but I gave her clit a rub and she seemed to like that.

So then on with a rubber and start off with mish then doggy, OH MY WORD! what a view, that lovely peachy arse in the air and my cock sliding in and out Fantastic!!!!
Finally decided to get her to finish me off with her mouth and she had to work for it too - that pill is fucking brilliant I would normally have been a flaccid mess by now but NO the old fellas going strong and she's spitting and wanking and then takes the lot. She did then leave the room to get rid but was soon back.

I have since read some of her reviews on here and some have said she was a bit distant, I didn't find her so, we had a chat and a laugh. Her kissing wasn't up to much but although I like it i wasn't all that bothered. She has a fabulous body and she's a big girl, by that I mean she is tall and athletic but well toned and nice smooth skin.
A very positive experience that could have gone wrong, Wait in the toilet, no kissing, no fingers but all that paled into insignificance against that arse and that mouth and that fit fit body. And all in a half hour for £70.

Nice review, its always useful to know the details that punters' experience before and after the actual punt.
I bloody hate those awkward moments passing fellow punters when entering/leaving the place
I read previous mixed reviews about Parissa too but I will add her to the HL.

Offline yuiop300

I've played with her when she was independent about 3x and at lmp on 3-5 ocasions.  She's always been fun and a real goer, but a few people have said she was cold.

Offline west8

Good review.

Always wondered why any girl would want to work for a scumbag pimp outfit like HOD though. Surely she could do better for herself on AW?

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