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Author Topic: Mary Thai TS  (Read 2281 times)

Right guys. Intrigued my Mary Thai TS on adultwork. Has anybody been to see her or have any feedback on her? Thanks

Sorry can't get one at the minute. Check on adult work if you have it. I will try to get one when I can.

Here's the link for her ;)

pics look very photo shopped...!!! and even if you turn up and he/she looks okay, theres still gonna be a cock and balls looking back at ya when his/her pants come down... :scare:

good luck with that  :thumbsup:

Heard about this lady a while back somewhere on here. She/he is an urban myth so the story goes. Good luck

Search her on auto-censored mate. Some positive feedback is on there.

Enjoy and please review if possible.

Offline Slaine

Since when do you refer to someone with a cock as a she/lady?

It's a transgender thing.

She identifies herself as a woman and so it's not cool to call her a man, she's transgender.

Each to their own though and if it's not for you that's fine. Funny that a lot of people like you still view these topics to make comments like that though.

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