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Author Topic: Inflation  (Read 6429 times)

Offline Aitch1944

Before you bin them make sure they know it is because of their price increase, call to book an incall and then as you finalise it check the price, when they tell you it has increased,  just say oh ok, Ill leave it thanks.

That way they will know it is their price increases losing them business as opposed to thinking it is something else.

More chance they will see sense and sort the prices then.

Also if you see any girls ask their nuymber to see them outside of the parlour, as the parlour is likely getting less business many girls will agree that cutting out the Parlour / Pimp is more cash in their purse  :music:

Sound sense here James !   :thumbsup:  For once, I agree with you.   :drinks:

Offline Aitch1944

Your a keyboard warrior, who has proved knows very little, but dont let facts and reasoning get in the way of a dig eh !!

Fair cop !! please.... do some research, find out how long we have been going, book an escort if you wish, question any one who has actually been represented by the agency. do you honestly beleive they would hang around


of course not, and Ladybirds just develop these appointments from what ?? thin air ?

Reasoning is not a factor to you. Your mission is complete, i have tried to be reasonable and open, so i say farewell and let you continue your speculation.

Hey guys, are we just helping the "self promotion" of a maybe dubious outfit, by continuing this thread ?  :diablo:  After all, the man (?) said "farewell" and left us to it, so why speculate further for His ( Her ? ) benefit ?  :yahoo:

Offline James999

The AW profile hardly ever gets updated with photos....and has a lady who doesn't even work for them anymore.

But they kept telling us here how "open and honest" they were  :scare:

Offline 1234

But they kept telling us here how "open and honest" they were  :scare:

Yeah, I have known some of their girls start getting dressed at the 40 min mark of a one hour appointment.

And that's pretty much the best agency I've experienced there.....but no matter what he says he is gonna have a hard time justifying putting up prices during an economic downturn.

Time will tell.

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