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Author Topic: This morning at BSS  (Read 3247 times)

Offline JazzMan

I don't use the lockers, I just get changed and shower in the room.
I think it depends on how long you have booked.
If you have only booked 30 mins then you don't want to waste your time getting changed and showering in the room.
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline sammy222

Correct, gave up on lockers a long time ago. Just do as you please.

Still think every visitor to BSS should spend at least 10 minutes in the waiting room on at least one occasion..one of  the true experiences in life. :D

After a bit the girls don't notice you, and start talking amongst themselves, you can pick up some interesting gossip, plus if you have an upskirt fetish, its the place to be, same goes for all the other saunas,

Cheers guys, I've pretty much given up on the Glasgow scene, will be going through to Edi soon for a few days of fun, staying in a hotel just round the corner from bss.

My plan is to shower before leaving the hotel & yes the lounge is part of the experience from what I remember of the old days when saunas were allowed in Glasgow. 

Offline Marmalade

I often get changed in the room unless I want to sit around for a while. It usually assumes there's a shower in the room unless blahblahblah.

Enjoy Edinburgh.

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