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Author Topic: Sweet Maria London  (Read 1434 times)

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Offline scarebear


This goddess has been on my HL for a while now, and was on my list of ladies to see this year that i posted before xmas. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?

I had a spare couple of hours last night and called Maria lunchtime to see if she was available. She was very pleasant on the phone and told me she was available. She sent me the text of the address straight and asked me to respond that i had got it, After a bit of confusion on my part when i looked up the road she was on, i realised exactly where to go.

She texted me 15 mins before i was due to arrive and asked if i was on my way, but i had arrived early so that was no problem. She directed me to her place, which was on the top floor of one of those old style buildings. Guys, be aware, If you have big feet, the last steps up are tight and tiny! Maria had the door already open for me when i got to the top and the vision that greeted me was something that will live with me forever. Maria, is stunning. She is around my height, Long Legs, has long blonde hair, and her body is faultless. A great pair of enhanced boobs with nice perky nipples. As for her tattoos, she is not completely covered in them and i found them beautiful.

She is chatty and easy to get on with. I was greeted with a kiss and a hug, and i knew we were gonna get on. One thing i will say is that i think Maria is a very intelligent lady as well and she knows what buttons to press to make your stay with her as fun as possible. After i had a quick shower, i came back and we laid naked on the bed together, getting to know each other and holding each other tight. She then grabbed the old boy and gave me a lovely oral with. She certainly knows how to use her tongue stud to get the juices pumping. I found it very erotic.

On with condom and then we pumped away in a few positions for around 10-15 mins, i gave her a gentle licking which i think she seemed to appreciate. Then the condom came off and i asked her if we can get each other off by hand, which she was happy to oblige as she played with the old boy, and it got faster and faster as i gave her tits a good sucking and gently fingered her as well. I didnt last too long.

She cleaned me up and went to wash her hands in the bathroom, but came back quickly and we laid down next to each other, having a chat and holding each other while we discussed each others lives. We came onto the subject of food and i found that we both have a love of Chinese food. She said next time to bring some with me!!

To summarize, Maria is fantastic and for sure i will be back soon.





25 review(s) found for Sweet Maria London linked to in above post (21 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

25 review(s) found for Sweet Maria London linked to in above post (21 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

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