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Author Topic: Miss Chantelle Reading  (Read 939 times)



Has anyone seen this lady, only a few pics and not much feedback. Had an email exchange with her today and sounds like fun.


I've seen her a couple or three times a couple of years ago. She looks comely, and is a good MILF shag and responds very nicely. She occasionally texted me subsequently to see if I was available, but that's not how I operate.

The first time I saw her she was texting me before and after like crazy - it was OK at first, and very flattering and like free sex chat, but it was dozens of texts an hour over several hours. I have subsequently arranged bookings with her twice, and she has dumped on them when I was outside waiting to get in. She also did a last-minute cancellation before the first meeting (I mean 'last-minute').

She appears perfectly normal and is quite personable, but I assessed her as a bit unstable somewhere in her private life. I don't need dumping on the doorstep, so I've written her off for further business. She also seemed to be on the clock, coz the alarm went off once after my hour was up.


Cheers Trailblazer,

In two minds now, seemed like she would be fun and up for it during exchange of messages.

Will have to see if I give her a go or not.

Will report if I do see her.


Have booked an appointment for Wednesday so hope she does not cancel, will report back.

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