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Author Topic: Meena-Oriental  (Read 3053 times)

Offline mr small

www.adultwork.com/2030983 or https://www.adultwork.com/Meena%2DOriental

Anyone have any previous experience with this Meena, few others of same name, but I cant find any comments on this one, AW profile has been gone a while (possibly touring) but is now back in Glasgow.

Any info much appreciated  :drinks:

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Offline johncee83

I'm sure that is the same profile I arranged a meet with around 6 months ago and I turned up it was a different girl. She was similar in the sense she was young slim and Asian and from what I remember it was a good punt, but maybe its a few girls working off one profile.

Offline mr small

thanks for reply, seems strange that been going almost two years and no comments on here  :unknown:

Offline Stickitin

Bump. just spotted this profile on AW, seems like good potential, anyone had a crack to see if it really the girl in the pic?

Back again in Newport but no phone number?

Offline dickroger

She was in Glasgow last week. Well, her profile was. Rang up only to be told that "she on holiday, she back in June". Suppose Newport counts as a holiday.

Long time lurker here, but thought I'd pipe up and post my experience on Meena...

They rotate the girls, but don't always use a new profile. Ive seen meena once and a girl called June who works from same address in the south side. June was working last week. They seem to do weekly or two week shifts then go somewhere else. Not sure how many of them are on rotation, but another girl Yaya seems to have same contact details this week.

Here's June's profile also 

and Yayas

Punt wise they were ok, but I found June a little more enthusiastic and her chat was better. I'd still see Meena again though. Pleasant, cute bod, and while not as enthusiastic as June, a good time had.

When they are in Glasgow same contact number for them both.
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I was considering seeing June last weekend. Rung her to ask if she'd do OWO/CIM in a 15 minute booking (no reason to think not from reading her profile). Lucky I asked because the answer was a clear no and moreover she seemed to take moderate offence at this saying somthing to the tune of "Huh, you want everything but only paying £40..."

Fuck off.

Offline JazzMan

Never seen so many ugly Asians.
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Each to their own. Definitely my option B or even C if my usual choices aren't available.

Offline seeker

Not rattled a wee Oriental
for years ...
Put off by all the f ing
extras they like to charge
on top of the basic
wam bam thank you mam. :hi:
Much better sticking to the Scottish tottie :thumbsup:

Offline J_H

I do like the look of the Asians, I must confess, but found they're about the hardest to get hold of. I tried Yaya, who I thought looked quite hot, a few weeks ago. Texted, emailed, and phoned - still waiting for a reply.

Had the feeling that she was the type who would leave you hanging about outside!

Pity, she looks tasty.

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