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Author Topic: Naughty Mel - 1st AdultWork booking  (Read 1851 times)

20 review(s) for NAUGHTY.MEL (15 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Naughty Mel
https://www.adultwork.com/2534174 or https://www.adultwork.com/NAUGHTY%2EMEL

Been a lurker for a couple of months reading the many valuable reviews which encouraged me to make my 1st AW booking as I'm normally an agency punter.
I decided on Mel as she was highly rated based on the reviews here.
Managed to get a 1 hour booking with Mel in Earls Court SW5.
Arrived there and was greeted by her with a passionate kiss and a hug before I even had the chance to walk in.
The flat is very small and basic with a clean shower, which I guess was sufficient enough.

First impressions meeting Mel was she is pretty and that her pictures on AW were definitely genuine.
Her description is pretty accurate, the only thing I would add is she does look similar to that of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.
Once inside, I was offered a drink and a shower, I declined the shower as I just had one before I left home for this meet.
After the paperwork was completed we started the session with a lot of kissing while taking each others clothes off then on to the bed. I told her I was after a long oral session and a couple of positions which Mel didn't have a problem with.
We resumed with DFK then I started sucking on her tits. She has freckles around her chest area, her tits are really really firm. I thought they were fake at first but she insisted they were real. I'm no surgeon but I couldn't see any scars to indicate that she had any work done on them. She has a great pair of tits!

Then on to some fantastic OWO and RO for a least 25 mins as per my request, during that time I did however wonder whether her mouth was aching from the non-stop sucking but she was an absolute trooper and gave no signs of tiredness.

She has a shelf with a couple of sex toys on there and asked if I wanted to use any but I'm pretty vanilla so declined the use of them. I guess I'm of the small percentage that doesn't want anything up my arse.

She opened the rubber and wrapped my cock using just her mouth and we fucked in mish, doggy and cowgirl. The sex was fantastic and I could not believe how extremely tight her pussy was. She has one of the tightest pussies I have ever experienced from any WG out there. I popped my load earlier than I wanted to while in doggy as there was still at least 15 mins left with my punt. Ended up having a quick shower and finishing off the remainder of my time with some DFK while squeezing those lovely firm tits of hers.

Firm set of tits
Tight Pussy
Overall great service provider.

Flat was small and basic.


Overall I had a fantastic time with Mel and I want to thank the valuable contributors here for posting theirs reviews which encouraged me to make a booking on AW. She is a great punt for anyone that wants to fuck a young Brazilian chick who is smoking hot. My next punt again based on the reviews here will be with Michelle Indp if I can manage to get a booking with her.

20 review(s) found for NAUGHTY.MEL linked to in above post (15 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Quesadilla

A Brazilian Hermione Granger lookalike?? Now suddenly that makes Mel a bit more interesting...anyone else who's seen her agree with that comparison?
Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

Offline Jason

A Brazilian Hermione Granger lookalike?? Now suddenly that makes Mel a bit more interesting...anyone else who's seen her agree with that comparison?

I disagree with the Hermione Granger comparison. But anyway there is no reason to find a look alike anymore (so far Denise Richards, Doutzen Kroes, Gene Tierney, Emma Stone, Sofia Vergara, Hermione Granger, etc) as the free pictures that are currently displayed on her profile where she is dressed with the military and police outfits and she is wearing sunglasses are pretty accurate about her face. If when you read this these pics are removed from the free gallery they are also in the private one and are tagged as ‘Naughty military’ and ‘Dominatrix’. Btw in the private gallery there are more clear poses (again with her wearing sunglasses) with these outfits and the most accurate imho is the ones tagged as “Naughty policegirl” and "I'll put you my handcuffs" although there are others with only the eyes blurred which are pretty accurate too (like the one tagged “Victoria secret’s angel” where she is wearing the angel outfit. There is also a shit picture with her giving a blowjob tagged as "Love to suck cock!" which is unflattering (btw it is NOT my cock in either of the cock pictures). I think this answers your question.

P.S: I am expecting now the snake to pop up and try again to bite me but as promised I will cut its head off later when I finish doing more serious things on the PuntingWiki :hi:
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Offline anyfucker

A Brazilian Hermione Granger lookalike?? Now suddenly that makes Mel a bit more interesting...anyone else who's seen her agree with that comparison?

who's Hermione Granger, link  :D
hat tip to the OP for starting with Mel as his first? AW punt, wish i'd found this site much earlier.

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