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Author Topic: AngelicPinkRose  (Read 733 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/2708568 or https://www.adultwork.com/AngelicPinkRose

Put a RB up for tonight and she bid an amount but in text said more...ok good feedback, looks ok and emails good, confirmed all my likes and proceeded to accept at a figure in between

I emailed road and said I would give nr once she text - I have been robbed/done over too many times I now have set myself some safeguarding issues - think I am a pussy or not but the genuine accept it - basically I want her mobile nr and to speak to her 'after' she text me

She continued to email asking for full address and I again reiterated my requirements with it being ignored, so I emailed cancelling the appointment - if she cant do a simple task then fik it, its my money!

About an hour later I get an unsolicited withheld number - its her :( with baby talk - told her I had emailed (which she had read) and not to comtact me again as she had even withheld the number

One rule for one.....

10mins later I was called assumingly by her from a mobile number THREE times! Ffs

I dont take prisoners and rarely get driven by my dick anymore, my wonga is too limited to do so :(

Just be aware, I cant say anything negative really but a WG adamant to do it her way and omg that baby talk pisses me off!


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Called again 20mins later and left a voicemail - if you arent single discretion isnt part of her work ethic!

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Guys this man is nasty!! Please don't listen to him, he is prob some agency man trying  to sabotage me!!
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Cant fault Angelic. Always prompt. and a friendly girl. Never had any issues with her, and cant wait to see her again :P :rolleyes: :kiss:
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This girl is one of the most genuine,reliable girls on Adult work! Had many bookings with Angelic :thumbsup: :thumbsup: she is a little stunner! And knows how to make a man smile.  :kiss:
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Not a bad word to say about AngelicPinkRose! She is beautiful and one of the most reliable girls.
Banning reason: Prostitute posing as punter


Wonder who told her of my post? Seems quite obvious no?

I havent slated her I just informed fellow punters of her lack of discretion and my unwillingness to have a WG in an outcall without her number

Her constant signing up in different guises surely informs punters to be aware ;)
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FFS  :dash:

Did she really think she would get away with those posts??

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