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Author Topic: EnglishRose2k15 / FoxxyRoxii84 / MissEnglishRock - THIEF!  (Read 5624 times)

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Offline The happy one

So the new owner is worried about it being stolen not that she is getting loads of calls for a whore
Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

Offline Nicholas

Bloody hell! If she does that she truly is a nasty piece of work! She sold it on Gumtree so I assume there is a record of the transaction (?) So would have a hard job proving it was stolen from her? I was surprised she sold it. Maybe she bought it just for the meet.

Unless I was duped (again) I spoke with the new owner and I believe their story. They were annoyed that the phone could be potentially stolen. Didn't occur to me that she could also do that.

It's strange since eBay owns Gumtree, but Gumtree has a notoriously bad reputation for scams and dodgy goods. eBay offers much better protection for customers but Gumtree is like the wild west.

What kind of phone was it? Samsung Galaxy? iPhone?

If it's an expensive phone, I can understand why the seller is worried.
Banning reason: Previously banned troll

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