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Author Topic: Sexy Kamila ~ Coventry  (Read 1439 times)

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Offline sanjman

So I rang her. Sounded nice and confirmed services. She leaves today at 3pm for a month. So I booked in.

Then find out she works from same address as busty anita and sensual eve. If you click on sensual eves link now (via my review of her) you'll see it says "sexy kamila x no longer works..."

So I'm thinking they share profiles etc and have a record of promising services and not always delivering.

So cancelled my appointment.

Offline ScouserRod

Delicious Angela also works from there.
Saw her last year-kept me waiting for nearly an hour-one of the reasons given she was getting dressed in what I asked-when I eventually got in she wasn't wearing stockings and suspenders etc that she had agreed to on the phone!!

Offline saf1976

I've seen Anita once and Angela 4 times. I've never had any problem with either.

I can imagine them not wearing the right outfit though, that tends to be an EE thing (and I'm not usually an EE basher).

I told Angela about the group swapping profiles and the importance of feedback and how important it was, but could see she didn't really understand.

Offline sanjman

When I cancelled, Kamila asked if everything was alright. I expressed my concerns about previous girls at her address and asked if her profile was genuine.  So Kamila made her verification pic available briefly on aw for me to see.

Suitably impressed, I went to see her.  Glad I did as she was really good. Review to follow but it'll be a positive. Kamilas now gone back home for a short while but I am sure I will see her again when she's back.

While there I was introduced to Delicious Angela. Liked the look of her too so may pay her a visit soon.

Offline saf1976

Good to here Sanj. They are useless with their profiles but that house usually has the girls you see in the pics.

Has anyone ever seen Elise or Alise who comes and goes. Not available at the moment or else I'd link the profile.

Offline Marsh777

I exchanged texts with her about a meet on Saturday morning, but it was too close to home in the end so I politely refused.

Doesn't sound like I missed a great deal.

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