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Author Topic: Bustydd_angel - Tuffnell Park  (Read 1269 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2525007 or https://www.adultwork.com/bustydd%5Fangel

Visited 16th Jan 2015, spent 30mins £60 (no extras).

Have been looking at this girl and Sweetpetite_elle (https://www.adultwork.com/2722679) who works out of the same flat. Laura is a little cheaper by the half hour at £60 but charges for anal. Elle is £20 more but includes it. Also she wasn't available today and that sealed it but I may well be back to sample them as a duo (£120 per half hour was the price Laura mentioned).

Booking was easy and pleasant. I sent a text to check a specific time and when it was confirmed, made an AW booking as well.

The flat is a basement on Brecknock road. When I checked it out on streetview I assumed I would be going into the council-looking block of flats but was pleasantly surprised when the final address came through. The flat is under a nice and respectable looking townhouse with a separate side exit so had no qualms walking in. The flat itself is unspectacular but perfectly fine. The bed is a bit of a disaster and seems to make no sense in terms of where it yields and where it smashes into your shins. Not bad enough to be a problem though.

Laura is about 5'6" and is, as she says, busty as all giddy up. Her boobs are natural and soft and look fantastic in a bra so I decided to keep them in there, only unveiling the nips for a bit of action. She also has an ass which is an absolute delight, big and protrusive but firm and very satisfying to the touch. Face wise she's not stunning, a little on the homely side but to be honest, probably a 6 out of 10. She's not a slim girl either but I like curves and hers are in all the right places so for me her body was an 8/10 but depending on taste it might not be for you. She was dressed in a dark blue minidress and stockings as I had requested. Overall I was pleased.

We had discussed a bit of light bondage in the ramp up and I was kind of blown away when she opened a drawer and revealed a massive stash of leather cuffs, collars, and other bdsm implements which belong to Elle, another reason I may be back to see her. Anyway I ended up not really using them as the leather velcro cuffs are just ludicrous. Laura is a great kisser and in possession of a tongue stud. I was quite excited when I saw with but in the end I didn't really notice it except for one or two moments during an excellent OWO. I reciprocated with fervor and she was very responsive, coming to a shuddering climax which was either real or very well simulated. I'm kind of reluctant to presume the former as there didn't quite seem time, but A for effort anyway. We then had sex in a few positions. Again she was responsive and, throughout the booking in fact, was anything but an inert vessel. She improvised and initiated as well as taking instruction. Great on the whole.

Great kisser
Very responsive and willing
Great OWO
Lovely girl, very welcoming and smiley
Beautiful curvy body and fantastic tits
Massive drawers full of costumes and toys
No obvious clock watching or hassle

Face would launch far fewer than a thousand ships

Bed defies the laws of physics and should be burned.

Will almost certainly return to see Laura, Elle or both together.

17 review(s) found for bustydd_angel linked to in above post (17 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
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Offline fredpunter

Ta for the review. Hopefully one or both if these two will start working evenings sometime ....

I didn't realise they were only daytimes. Lucky I'm doing a bunch of work based out of Kentish Town. Does restrict me to half hours though.

Offline endomorph

They do not live in the flat. They rent it for daytime use only.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (endomorph, esperantock)

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