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Author Topic: Clair Windsor - Bournemouth [Fake review]  (Read 440 times)

Offline iamdaboss

Ok, this is my first review on any girl, so please forgive any obvious omissions or blunders.

I had wanted to try the Milf experience for a number of years, (I am 32) and had plucked up the courage to contact several girls over many months, but always backed out, lost my nerve etc.

Finally around a year ago, I found Clair on adultworks. She is a mid forties blonde, tall, slim, extremely pretty and with the longest legs I had seen.

I was apprehensive at first, because she asked for a picture of me, be fore she would make a booking, but I have to say, it was well worth following up with the request, the pictures I received back were fantastic and very genuinely her, exactly as she would be when you meet her.
I had a business trip to Bournemouth booked, so we made arrangements to meet at my hotel.

Her driver accompanied her to my room, and takes care of formalities and made me feel more at ease, as the business part of the arrangement was taken care of in a very professional yet relaxed manner.

Clair is fantastic in person, and in how she dresses, long black figure hugging dress, with heels and  minimal makeup which was nice.

Once we were alone, she is a master at making you feel relaxed with easy chat over a few glasses of wine, she had no hesitation in kissing me full on and pressing herself against me, she was the Milf I had always had in my mind.
Once she stepped back, and slipped her dress off, I got the full view of her and I have to say, that was all that I had wished for.
Clair has no hesitation in going down and sucking, in fact she genuinely seems to enjoy having a loaded cock in her mouth to the point she will gag.
From there on, she proved to be willing to do everything I could think of at the time, and even a few things I hadn't thought of !
My hour with her passed all too quickly, but  now I have had a taste, I definitely would book again.
I did try to find her again a few months later, but her account had closed, but just recently I notice she is back, which prompted me to write this review.


Time spent = 1 hour @ £150
Would I do it again. I intend to asap.

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Written like advertisement.
Plus email shows up adverts for couple on Google.

Just shows there are some dumb fuckers about.

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