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A one hour outcall resulting from an RB. The rate bid was cheaper than advertised rates.


Prior to the day by e-mail. All prompt. She was happy to send pictures, her profile pictures are not good. On the day comms by text. She even sent me pictures of herself as she travelled to my place.

My place.

The woman in question
Arrived dressed as a normal twenty odd year old. Tight jeans, ankle boots and leather jacket. Long dark red hair. Approximately 5'8. Large blue eyes, big white smile, pale skin. Size 12, Anastacia is not fat but I would use the word statuesque. Anastacia is exuberant, confident in her opinions. Unfortunately she swears a lot which I am afraid I dislike. She was not wearing perfume and she did not smell of smoke.

Fun times
Anastacia arrived. We sat down and had a brief chat and a glass of wine. Started to kiss, she is a very gentle kisser with some light tongue. A bit of groping. Remember the teenage days when you are having a thoroughly good rummage, kind of like that.
Upstairs to my room. Clothes off, more groping, she started to give me head then something happened which has never happened before. She was at it for no more than five seconds and I had to tell her I was going to cum. She told me to cum in her mouth which I did. She swallowed. Now the thing she did, kind of had her mouth around me and just kind of rolled her tongue around the head, very effective!
A few minutes rest and then off we go again which is when a major major problem presented itself. I tried to give RO and she smelled bad and tasted rank, stopped straight away. This is the reason for the neutral. Got her to give me another blow job, again it was great, came again although this time she disposed of it in the bathroom. Time was up so off she went.

Could not in all good conscience recommend in case she always smells/tastes like this. It is a shame, her head was great and I have the feeling sex would have been awesome. I will not be seeing again.

1 review(s) found for Anastaciaxxx linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

I met this girl just after Xmas i would also rate the session as a neutral.

Sorry to hear it. Filthy or smelly genitals is right up there  amongst the biggest turn offs

Sorry to hear it. Filthy or smelly genitals is right up there  amongst the biggest turn offs

Unfortunately it's so common tho even in the non punting arena a lot of women suffer with this. It's generally a yeast infection  :scare:

To be honest I have encountered it a couple of times on punts. I don't recall ever experiencing it outside punting. It might be that the non wgs knew sex always in the cards and would have been embarrassed if they weren't clean and smelling nice (as I would be), whereas some wgs don't care as it's just business and they don't care what you think as one of many clients.

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