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Author Topic: ever struggled to cum during a punt  (Read 4806 times)

Offline Aspen

I fucking hate when they do that. Especially when there's ten minutes to go.

Or only ten minutes into the booking!
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Offline Marmalade

Or only ten minutes into the booking!

Yeah it's been known. Cunts. Probably in the English For Romanian Hookers Phrase & Handbook, together with "have you finished yet.

Offline webpunter

i can sympathise with loads of that even if I rarely get pissed it's occasions when i've been awake for so long i can hardly move a muscle and go to a good massage-pamper wg and just lget my big hard cock fucking adored for an hour and not give her shit in return except the fee.
Pretty much most of the time i'm sober - driving etc.  Much better.  But just now & again then good to have an evening out / drinks & then have a play.  Used to be able to do this in Steam & Sun in the City.  Until they got busted / shut down.  Now mainly abroad for this type of evening.  I do like being lazy & just lie back & let them wank me off for ages.  The only upside about not coming is that the next day i just have to go an have a quick half-hour massage & HJ

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