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Author Topic: Genuine in Taunton?  (Read 537 times)

Recently noticed these profiles which if genuine would be a delightful visit given the option of a four hand massage. However, neither have feedback and there were recently a coupe other girls advertised under this group. Perhaps it's a new set up akin to Latinas but I'm a bit wary. Any thoughts from those more savvy at spotting a scam? There's no private gallery scam by the look of it so what's the scam if there is one?


All come under this group.

What are your thoughts?

Offline Qwerty

They seem to have been around a few months, always 2-3 profiles with 1 phone no, they seem to recreate the profiles every few weeks. May be getting bad fb and have to, or could be they want to get punters who are looking for new girls... or it may be a flat that has a turnover of Brazilian girls...

At one point one was supposed to be Spanish (Paloma) and the other Brazilian - just remembered there was a previous thread where they were supposed to be leaving town soon - pos review though - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=41757.msg557133#msg557133

Have never yet had the pleasure - thought of it a couple of times, but been put off by the uncertainty..

Offline gonewest

Both girls gone although the group is still there.  Must admit that I've been tempted but caution got the better of me.

So what's the scam here then? Or are they actually genuine but due to AW practice, because they haven't supplied ID their profiles have been removed. One of the two, Emy, just looked so hot and my one experience with a Brazilian girl was so good I was hoping to sample the good life again! Oh well.

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