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Author Topic: Sweet Charlotte Rose in Sheffield  (Read 1798 times)

Offline cherub

This is the lady who ripped off Chezzie John a few months ago back under a new name.

Be careful with this girl, she's a great shag, gives a good service but Allways trying to rip folk off. That's why she's Allways changing her name, ( Melissa Blake, Erica Simms, her latest is something Maffia ) you've been warned, Snake

I've not seen her for months now but she's still on my Facebook. I know I was a twat trying to help her out and I got screwed over. I spend thousand on punting and she shot herself in the foot as she's not making bugger all out of me now

What happened John I was going to see her a while ago but the snow changed my plans

Look up the never lend them money thread for the full story.

But basically I was daft enough to trust her and lent her money when she was in the shit. And then a couple other members on here emailed me asking what I knew about her as she'd done it to them to. A year later she's not made a efforts to pay me back and she's shot herself in the foot as she's lost me as a regular and she's got herself blacklisted on here.

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