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Author Topic: Angell Escorts fake or real?  (Read 540 times)

Offline Nilmalith

Hi was wondering if anyone has used this agency angell escorts:
 was curious about booking saraa, her photos look good and you can tell she has not bothered at an attempt to airbrush so you know what your getting when you answer the door, they give you a postcode when you arrange a booking so though they were legit.

then I found that https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2755138, operates out of the same address but claims to be independent so i'm a little dubious to know if they a fake/violent Romanian gang or an actual legit punt?
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Offline Dino

I wouldn't bother wasting time/ risking losing your money etc on such a shoddy looking set-up.

You'll find link's on here via ladies reviews or the PuntingWiki link for legit North-East agencies - contact & book a lady through one of those instead.

BTW - If your new to this & wanting to know which lady's good for a newbie/n00b/first timer - just look in one of the many threads on the subject in this main North-East area for tips & advice to help you.

PS.  Welcome to the forum, happy punting & I look forward to reading your future posts & any reviews you should submit :)
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Offline Barry Shipton

Tend to agree - they look rank, and whatever is promised I don't think it will be forthcoming. There are plenty of reliable PSE escorts who would deliver a better service if that's the sort of thing you are after.

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