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Author Topic: Michelle Independent, London W8 + W14 - Amazing, but where the fuck was Allen?  (Read 768 times)

Apologies, but was only able to wade through the first two pages of that original Review so may have missed some salient details, then discovered that it was “locked” but was reminded of an incident some years ago : -

Southerner, on business, up in Newcastle, in his newly rented car.
Has a bit of a prang with one of the locals.
“I say, old boy, think that was your fault, would you mind giving me the name of your Solicitor?”
“Haddaway & Shite, Mann”.
“Ah, thank you kindly and do you have their telephone number?”

Offline nigel4498

Might be lost in the translation here in the deepest south.
Yaw makin gam.

Oh, dear, didn’t think it would be that obscure.

First, you have to get a flavour of the litigious language used in Page 1 the original “Michelle” Review, with mention of Solicitor’s names, retained barristers in Chambers and all that kind of threatening “make my day” posturing.

Second is translating Geordie : -
 “Haddaway & Shite, Mann” into Southernese as : -
“Get away with you, man, you’re talking shit”. Not difficult.

The rather pompous Southerner, say, from London, thinks that he has been given the name of a reputable Solicitor in Newcastle so merely wants to confirm the phone number and, thereby, his own naivety.

A jest, dissected, loses its punch.

Got it the first time but mod was locking related threads so didn't respond....assumed it would be locked very soon

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