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Author Topic: cutekyoko888 Taiwanese anal queen  (Read 1152 times)

Offline andist


Has anyone try her? The feedback says:
Thanks! That was the best anal I ever had, real anal queen, very easy going beautiful lady!!

I've never tried anal with her but she does give a good OWO.
Although that is her in the photos I didn't find her as attractive up front, might have been just me.

Offline mr_alias

These accounts including lisa-lee are dodgy.

One of them wasted my time, the other tried to con me out of a taxi fare.

Never been in touch with yoko but as soon as I saw 8888 by her name I thought I should warn you. This group is shady as fuck.

Hello again dagentleman


Offline andist

Does she look as hot as in the pictures?

I had Lisa-Lee, she was actually very good and friendly

Offline hendrix

How come the "anal queen" doesn't have anal on her "likes" list...or am I missing something?

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