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Author Topic: Unanswered questions on Escorting?  (Read 2612 times)

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@west8 what was the security?!
Whatever answer I'd take it with a pinch of salt
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

@west8 what was the security?!

He won't tell you. Our westie likes his mind games. He'll hold it against you making him feel superior to you in his fantasy world of greater knowledge and closeness to WGs than other punters.

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My guesses are a) a baseball bat under the bed, b) a tazer under the bed, c) a revolver under the bed, d) an RPG under the bed e) an imaginary friend under the bed.

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My guesses are a) a baseball bat under the bed, b) a tazer under the bed, c) a revolver under the bed, d) an RPG under the bed e) an imaginary friend under the bed.
f) a really cocky, smug, aggressive, annoying, trolling, outwardly tough, online persona

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Last night I met a girl who is very, very new (unreviewed on UKP too). When I asked her why it was so extraordinarily quiet in her flat, she told me it was because she lives with only her cat for company.

I know it wasn't a cat it was a tiger wasn't it  :lol:

Seriously though not such a smart girl really if she really did tell/ show you.  I hope you told her how naive that was too.

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I fucked up real bad on yesterday's punt
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I'm not expecting answers from you punters, maybe these questions might make you think. I've done a lot of reading about escorts but there are still questions that have not been answered.

1. How do these escorts, or working girls, deal with the fact that ANYBODY can walk through their door? I mean, the guy could be a psycho or even a rapist or just downright unattractive.

2. What happens if the guy gets aggressive, refuses to pay and attempts to rape the girl? Where is the security for girls that work from agencies? I watched a mini documentary about escorting and one escort said she was raped on two occasions. I felt so angry inside.....

1. Money can often cloud the judgment of even the most sensible of girls. For others, the risk/reward ratio is sufficiently low to justify.
2. It happens, but again risk/reward ratio. I'm not sure if there has even been a study to accurately asses whether WGs are at greater risk of being raped than non-WGs.

Now these are some of my own questions, simply because I'm new to escorting:

1. Do you punters ever wonder about the possible risks of incalls? I've always left my valuables at home before venturing to an incall. The only items I take is obviously the money and my phone. Do you ever wonder when you knock on her door and she takes you to the bedroom, you pay the cash, she then tells you to undress and goes to another room to put the money away or something, but in the next room there's like 5 guys waiting to rob you and leave you for dead? No matter how 'brave' you are, it's always a possibility right?

2. What happens during long encounters? Like 3-5 hours or even an overnight stay? How do you comfortably pass the long hours with a stranger?

1. Nope. Never heard of that happening either. Realistically, are 2/3/4/5 guys going to assault you - risking a prison sentence in so doing - for £100 or £200?
2. After the first 30 minutes with a new girl it's easy to gauge your compatibility. If there's chemistry, you stay. If not, you don't.

Sometimes that chemistry can be more exhilarating than the sex part itself.
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She then told me not to be duly concerned as she had security in place.

When she showed me the security I could see why she felt so confident.

It was a cock wasn't it?  :scare:
That's why you're not telling.

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