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Author Topic: Laura 4 u / basildon  (Read 1276 times)

Offline sxman


Had this girl in my hotlist for sometime, anyone have any experiences of her before taking the plunge.


I had my eye on her too.

Her profile comes and goes every so often I think. I did try phoning a few months ago but she didn't pick up.

She is down as being Spanish which I assume really means Romanian.  :unknown:

Really would be a TOFTT punt.

Offline sxman

Well I emailed her to check a few things a couple of days ago, email opened but no reply.

Been a member since July last year with only 2 feedbacks, one never happened and the other is really suspect.

Think I will go with my gut feeling on this one and not bother.

Two Spanish ladies have been sent home according to the local news.

I've no way of proving that Laura 4 u was busted. However she hasn't logged on since the day of the raid. And her nationality fits.

When visiting a prossie I always wonder how much the locals know about their own area. Clearly in this case the locals knew what was going on. I know of two other knocking shops that had a local notoriety.

She's  around again.
Ive beenin contact. She's definitely Portuguese. From Algarve.
I too am interested here. Any updates from anyone?

The profiles been deleted now. That profile was one used by the Latina brothel in Basildon till they moved it on to someone else in Feltham.

These prossies are a pure punt, sometimes it's great, most times it's shit. Shower+massage to burn time. Shag inorder to cum quickly with only 1 cum allowed then out the door early.

Only Lara, Mary, Tania and Sara are ok. Most of them haven't returned in a long time.

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