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Author Topic: nanako  (Read 877 times)

Offline Paul31

Hi I'm just wondering has anyone seen nanako.she advertises on massaging the uk and based in Maida vale.thanks in advance

I haven't seen her, she doesn't appeal, but thought this may help to illicit a response from others;


Yes I have seen her. The pictures of her are fake so I guess you can call it a B&S. But I still went along with it as my cock was doing the talking.
She is an average looking chinese/malaysian girl with a small resemblance to the pictures on her website, obviously not as good looking.
I'd say she is in her early thirties but can pass for being 25 years old and her physique is as described.
The service she provided is just a basic light touching massage using oils for 30-40 mins with the remaining time left over for quick sex.
The service was ok but I was naive at the time and didn't control what went on during my time with her which resulted in having to rush to pop my load before my time was up.
I guess its better than the services you would receive to that of a massage parlour in china town.

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