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Author Topic: Middlesbrough recommendations  (Read 1396 times)

Offline mcb

Heading to Middlesbrough at end of the month to meet a friend. Don't know the scene there well, so are there any attractive, young escorts in the area? Would have thought so with it being a uni town.

Offline MDB72

It is a bit of a punting wasteland to be honest. Best thing I can suggest is a local agency - NNE or Amour. They have lots of girls with positive reviews on this site. Alternatively take a train to Newcastle where there are many more options both in terms of indies and agencies.

Offline mcb

I live in Newcastle. Like I said in my original post, I'm heading to Middlesbrough to see a friend so just wondered if there was any one worth seeing when I was in the area.

Offline Dino

Can only echo what's been said ref contacting 1 of the 2-3 agencies who actually know such a place exists therefore have ladies available in Boro & Hartlepool etc

If it's based on Football teams status, then sure we all know Hartlepool's a s***e team, but Boro will be Premier league next season!  Hopefully with that, it will bring the ladies  :cool:
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