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Author Topic: "Negotiations"  (Read 1000 times)

Offline jambogaz

Whilst scanning AW tonight I wondered about some of the pricing here in Fife.

The going rate seems to be £60-£70 per half hour.  There has consistently been a (Romanian?) circle advertising with profiles on AW & ES.  Their prices are £80 per half hour.  I have been twice to their girls and had polar opposite experiences.  The girls have both been as advertised, no B&S.  But bloody pricey for Fife.

They advertise with an Edinburgh (0131) landline so you are obviously not meeting the person that you book with. 

Question is, is it worth a haggle?  Or will Sergei take offence & meet me at the punt with his entourage & baseball bat?

Sure I read someone haggled down to £60...I just rule these girls out now as although they are normally very attractive, it's been a very basic Romanian service up to now, not worth anywhere near their prices.  On the positive side, they are almost always available, any time of night.

Would be good to add some numbers to my Late-night Fife hookers club!

Offline PR67

So these profiles with 0131 numbers are genuine? There's one near me and I was thinking about it but Edinburgh number put me off. Since girls at the address near me keep changing and it's an Edinburgh number, I figured it was some sort of scam or the girls weren't exactly choosing this line of work.

You're right though, £80 HH is pricey for EE when you aren't guaranteed good service. Would prefer a 15 min to try them out.

Offline Happyjose

I would imagine the only chance you have of meeting Sergei would be if you caused problems at the punt. At the end of the day it's business and he only cares about the money.

I would be more wary of getting agreement before the meet on a discounted price, then being told to stump up the full amount when you get there. Personally I avoid these type of girls after past experiences including getting agreement on services, lingerie requests etc and the girl hasn't got a fucking clue when you get there.

Offline The_Don

the girl hasn't got a fucking clue when you get there.

Maid (or receptionist as they like to be called, but some-times they are the pimp). Just take booking and pack them in (most of the time), IE back to back bookings. That's happens (some times a lot) in London. This leads to double booking, waiting time and services agreed but not delivered. That's way its always best to confirm services, times, price etc on booking and when at location (with the service provider) If they don't match or its doesn't feel right. Walk with you're money  :music:   

As for "Sergei(s)", he (they) will often not been seen (likes to keep a distance). I have seen "security" at some places I've been though.
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Offline Jake1980

I've visited a couple of them, mixed reviews but none really stand out and as said overpriced for the area and don't really think it's worth the possible hassle to haggle.  I only use them if there is an itch needing scratched and nothing else available, based on experience and how often Ive seen some of the profiles I'd put the photos at somewhere in the region of 2-3 years old

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