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Author Topic: Escort around Leamington Spa  (Read 1312 times)

Offline Anders

Dear All,
I would like some help finding a suitable escort in Leamington or who would travel to Leamington Spa. I am there for two nights next month. I like leggy, slim ladies with a nice rear. Age not hugely imp[ortant but not too young. I have these ladies on my radar and if anybody had an opinion that would be great or suggest somebody else would be great.

Bobby Gilf -
or visit
Tara Sensual in Birmingham 

Sorry about no  links I could not get a short link ???.

Your advice opnions would be greatly appreciated, especially after a very poor experience in Manchester.

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Offline ScouserRod

Delicious-Demi from Warwick comes well recommended on this forum-sorry struggle with links-but if you do an Adultwork search you should find her
I saw her about 4 years ago and enjoyed the experience!

Offline Anders

Thank you Rod, I will search for her. Regards Anders

Offline willbred

 Delicious Demi, virtually next door in Warwick would be my recommendation. Seriously sexy arse.

Tara Sensual is very good, however, I haven't seen either for some time.
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