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Author Topic: Early Morning Punting  (Read 1145 times)

Offline Dakota


I would be very interested to hear if many of you participate in early morning punting, and if yes can you recommend any ladies that welcome early morning visitors


Offline carlisle78

What's your definition of early? 7am? 9am?

I've had 9am meets with "sweet 'n' petite" and "Insatiable Sophie" before.
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Offline JazzMan

Edinburgh Saunas open at 10am
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Offline Dakota

Didn't want to put too early a time slot on my initial comment, but I suppose I was thinking of meeting at between 7.00am and 8.00am in order to be in the office for 8.30am or 9.00am as normal with a smile

I met up with Heatherpleasure at 7.30 one morning so I could be in work the back of 9.

You can only ask them.......

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