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Author Topic: Sexylouise224  (Read 920 times)

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So I visited Louise before xbustybex and It wasn't great.

I messaged her on aw and communication was good only available on a Friday so I booked for an hour which was £100. She sent me her address a couple of hours before the booking so all is good at this point. I turned up at the address and location was easy to find easy parking so I'm thinking this is going to be a good one.

I knocked on the door id asked her to wear stockings and suspenders which she agreed she opened the door and she wasn't wearing them which was disappointing. She is ok in the face but to heavy make up you can tell she's not naturally pretty it's all make up.

The house was messy kids toys everywhere which made me feel a bit awkward and a dog somewhere which was constant barking slightly off putting but thought once we were upstairs it would be ok. We went up stairs and the bedroom was even more messy with clothes and junk everywhere. We lay on the bed and you could tell she wanted to waste time. I went to kiss her but all I got was closed mouth little kisses which was not going to get me hard. She took off her dress her body was ok underwear looked worn and old but thought it will be fine once she's naked. We did RO which was fine she was obviously fake moaning so got her to give me OWO. It was very half hearted and she said I could cum on her tits but not her mouth even though her profile says she does CIM.

The dog at this point is still barking I'm just about managing a semi and were over half way in, I ask her to get a condom an ride me she got on top for all of 3mins and said her legs hurt! Does she know this is work it's as if she just wants the money and not put in any effort. I turned her over and did doggy with again the awful fake moaning and dog barking.

Her personality was good she seems a nice girl but she just doesn't put the effort in.

Over all disappointing - messy place, to heavy make up services not what she says she offers and tries to waste time and that bloody barking dog!

Not the worst punt but by no means the best!
I wouldn't visit again.


1 review(s) found for sexylouise224 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Dodo

Banning reason: Making false claims against moderation

That field report looks like it was around when she first started maybe she out more of an effort in then to what she does now.

Offline bod666

I saw Louise a few weeks back - don't know why i didn't do a review. D'oh! Agree with everything Beast says about the place. I had a better session with her though. Quite enjoyable shag, if nothing outstanding. Think that field report was written about someone else. Louise is very much girl next door. Nice enough though. Solid neutral from me.
dog didnt make a sound when i was there ;)

Offline macmate

I know which one I'll be believing... thanks Beast

Maybe she was all shagged out when I saw her an she just couldn't be assed the sex was ok so very lazy did she let u CIM? And did she French kiss? I know were not there for a tidy house but the bedroom was just so messy and the kids toys just put me off I know the kid wasn't there but it's a bit in ur face!

Glad you had a slightly better punt tho mate

Offline bod666

I didn't cim - there was some french kissing though. I don't think she's very experienced - hence the varying level of service. To be honest the whole thing felt like she was someone i'd pulled in a club for a one night stand rather than a paid escort. It was kissing, owo, riding, then me shagging her missionary to completion. She was warm and friendly if not exactly my type.

Yeah mate when ur paying you don't expect to do all the work, you don't want someone that's basically just lying there while you shag away! Ha

Like you said maybe she's a bit up an down on her services but when you paying you don't want a 50/50 chance that the girl is goin to preform you want consistency

Offline bod666

Amen to that! Its why i wont be making a repeat visit.

Yeah mate just not worth the gamble, happy punting!

Offline Chrisip

When I saw her the place was so tidy difficult to believe anyone actually lived there. Dog was out the way and only barked when I arrived. Got some french kissing but always initiated by me. I left her a positive if not glowing review but got no feedback of her (a first for me when I've left some), she seemed to cum twice during reverse oral, didn't sound fake. The whole punt felt slightly awkward but wasn't ssure if it was me or her. Thought would try again but  when enquired about further booking got no reply. I wondered if she prefers the younger chaps?

I'm in my 30's so wouldn't say I was old, ha you must of got luck of her cleaning schedul. Yeah think she like RO cos she doesn't have to do any work then I'm sure shed let u carry on doin that all booking. Bit off not coming back to you or just leaving a bit of feedback. She seems very up and down on the service she offers and wants the money but not the work. If you looking for another pint mate try the girl iv done another review on. Not being funny but if you find it awkward with her then it is you that's the awkward one ha :drinks:

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