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Author Topic: MISS TRIXX PAIN - NW London  (Read 3802 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1917793 or https://www.adultwork.com/MISS+TRIXX+PAIN

Was in the mood for a while for a pale skinned alternative looking girl, and Miss Trixx Pain fit the image exactly. She's done a few porn vids and you can find more of her selfies and face pics on her twitter profile.
Booked few days in advance for 1 hour, sent booking form but as it was late I made note that i will call tomorrow (booking instructions on her profile say to do booking form and call), anyway she sent email confirming in morning, so all good.

Unfortunately come the day, I was tired as hell thanks to lack of sleep, and not really in the mood for much. Next time if I feel like that I should reduce booking time. Anyway...

Miss Trixx lives in a nice flat, and the immediate surroundings feel safe (theres a police station literrally a minute away), but that area of london is a bit crap. Both Neasden and Harlesden stations are about 10-12 min walk away, and if you come from Neasden station then you're going to walk past one of the famous shithole estates.
I had to call to pinpoint exactly where the flat was, she sounded great on the phone, so I knew I would have a nice time.

She looks better than her selfie pictures, which is always a nice surprise. slim pretty english girl with blonde hair and front section of side of head shaved (as you see in her faketaxi porn video), and a bunch of tattoos.
Showered and had a bit of a chat. She is friendly and easy to talk to, she reminded me of a friend so that always helps I guess.
Started with OWO. Her style is totally unique to what I have experienced. She would do this thing where she pooled spit on the tip of your cock, put her lips rightly around the tip and then slowly move down, until your cockhead 'pops' in and then deepthroat, there would be lot of blowing on the tip and tongue play too. I'm usually not sensitive to OWO at all, but I really enjoyed it.
I decided to return the favour with RO, she was responsive, and that was good also.
I was tired and not in the mood for lengthy intercourse, so just went for missionary until I came. For the same reason I couldnt be bothered with another round so just chatted away rest of time, time flew by quickly though.

Kissing wise, I wasnt in mood for, which I think she might have picked up on, so just had couple of pecks on lips early on.

I will see her again at some point, but next time I will make sure I am fully in the mood!

9 review(s) found for Filthy_little_minx linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)


Thanks for the review - some nice pictures of her on her twitter -

Offline UberX

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Offline hpsauce1950

Hmm.. I am very much tempted after looking at her video :kiss:


maybe it is just me but she looks like she was from the circus with those tats and the hair colour
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her hair is blond colour at moment

Offline UberX

maybe it is just me but she looks like she was from the circus with those tats and the hair colour

yeah may be you are right but I liked her tats and hair style. :)
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