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Author Topic: IS GOLDEN SAPPHIRE.....  (Read 515 times)

a glorified street hooker?

Looking at her gallery there are some worrying marks on her arms and legs, however she doesn't have the facial appearance of someone who is dependent on drugs.

I asked her about them in a phone conversation and she stated they were because of stress and that she constantly scratches them.

Anyone know anything more about her?

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Haven't seen her but the marks on the arm look similar to someone who has self harmed, as for the legs could be bruises or possible inject??? Difficult one but scratching doesn't wash  :unknown: cute looking thou so 50/50  :unknown:

I've heard that some self harmers make the initial cut then scratch away at it before it fully heals rather than making new cuts.....I dont know to be sure.

She defo doesn't look like a drug ravaged scatty slut like some on AW, but I just want to be totally sure as I want OWO and don't particularly like the idea of a junkie noshing away at my schlong.

Saw her today only for a 15 min car meet £30 OWO, CIM and swallow. she stayed fully clothed so I couldn't see any marks, seems like a really nice girl. had a nice chat driving to the location although it was only a few mins up the road from where we met. really pretty girl too she had leggings on and her bum looked incredible but had a big coat on as it was freezing so didn't see much else. the service was incredible tho!

Offline Trevor12

They look like self harm scars to me, including the marks on her legs.

If I had your concerns I would move on to another ... Once your there you'll either have to make that awkward step to walk away or go through with it.. No feedback yet and she offers alot... Doesn't help your decision much but I would gage it by your instinct on the phone?

Mike- Roughly (don't want you to give too much away) where abouts in Sandwell was the meet and in your opinion was the location discreet, something quite unnerving yet strangely appealing about car meets. Luckily my car has full privacy glass butthat doesn't mean diddly squat really.

My instinct is telling me yes. The positives are that she offers lots of the things I would look for i.e OWO, CIM, RIM and swallow. Also she has a decent phone manner and attitude which kind of makes me think she is a junkie and decent level of spoken english as opposed to the stuttering and slurred mannerisms of junkies.

The negatives are the unexplained scarring.

if im honest there are more discreet locations but there was no major concerns or scares during the meet, wasn't to far from toys r us Oldbury, M5 j2. I met her on the car park and she directed me to the location. id say go for it, there was absolutely no worries for me, her phone manner was great and her comms good. she arrived on time and did everything she said she would. a real good meet and for £30 you cant knock it

she did mention moving back to Hereford in the next few days, so id be quick with the booking. she was in my car within half hour of speaking to her

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