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Author Topic: Any recommendations?  (Read 602 times)

Offline gentlemantoyou

Looking to punt this day or next. Looking for:
*Blonde (not too important)
*Age from 18-29
*Must speak VERY good English, or is she's really attractive, the English can be decent
*Obviously attractive
Banning reason: Posting nonsense

just look through the postive reviews untill you find something you like, ie try doing some homework

Offline Trevor12


Top of your age range (may be 30 now) but ticks you're other requirements and is highly reccommended by many WM punters on here.


14 review(s) found for AMANDA.29 linked to in above post (10 positive, 4 neutral, 0 negative)

Where you willing to travel to mate? There's a good WG in worcester xbustybex she's 27 looks a bit younger tho

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