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Author Topic: Busty Jessica X - South Kensington - bait and switch with the girl herself  (Read 1062 times)

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Offline TheOracle


Curious to start the new year with a variation over my usual diet of impossibly hot but frequently cold Romanians, I noticed the profile of this young Hungarian woman, who included more than one picture that tickled my imagination. I called her, and booked a session.

Unsurprisingly, she gave me the address of a well known apartment block in South Kensington, where I've now been enough times to be reasonably sure that the next time I think about walking when faced with a disappointment like this one, I can simply knock at a random door and find a valid alternative with a high probability.

Now, given that west8 has already spoilt the surprise in his review here: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=46354.new#new I will be brief and reiterate that the girl in the pictures is indeed the one you meet. Or at least the girl in "some pictures": she is the (22 y.o.) girl in the pink bathrobe, and also the one with the phone in her hand (although you can clearly see that the waistline has been shopped, there... just how much you can't imagine). I'm not so sure she is the girl in the white dress: as you can see the lips are very different (although she might have had the brilliant idea of getting a mouth job and pumping her lips to the current slutty state), and the only possibility that the body shown in the pictures is hers, is if those were taken at least 3 years ago. Needless to say she doesn't match the picture with the blue swimsuit either.

As west8 said, she is very large (under the waist, above she's more normal), probably a size 14/16. I was pretty disappointed when she opened the  door, but for some reason I can't fathom instead of walking I just downgraded the punt to half an hour. I still wonder why I did it: I probably have no balls, or possibly thought something like that after the scores of supernatural bodies I had met recently it wouldn't be bad to try the experience with a normal human being.

Now, if you can live with being with a larger woman, she is not unattractive: her facial features are fine (she is reasonably attractive, in a slutty kind of way). The problem is the service is at a pretty low level overall: her pictures and size are not the only lies on her profile. She is not 5'7 (more like 5'4 or 5'5), and she doesn't kiss. OWO was barely decent, sex was completely insipid, with lots of fake moanings and clearly no participation. The whole thing lasted no more than 10 minutes and I was more than happy to leave earlier and get on with life.

Apologies to west8 for delaying the review and causing him to show up in the same place. The only thing that didn't match my experience in his review was the room: the room I saw her in was a pretty standard one in the same apartment block (not dissimilar to the one where I saw Dalia19, for instance).

Overall, this gave me one important lesson: there is something worse than TOFTT with a super hot Romanian girl that gives shitty service, and that is TOFTT with a massive Hungarian girl that gives shitty service.

4 review(s) found for Busty Jessica.x linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline west8

Thanks a lot ytettzru. Happy to know I wasn't being overly fussy or disrespectful to the girl. Even if she had offered to pay me to fuck her, I would have had to politely excuse myself.

Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling Jessica's phone will start gathering more dust than an expedition to Mars.

Can't remember seeing two Negatives like this so close together for the same shitty punting experience.

Offline jason26

Nice review ytettzru. You say her top half is more 'normal' do you mean to say her legs and arse are very chunky whilst from the waist up she is average build? Similar to Kim Kardashian.
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Offline TheOracle

Nice review ytettzru. You say her top half is more 'normal' do you mean to say her legs and arse are very chunky whilst from the waist up she is average build? Similar to Kim Kardashian.

Uhm, no, bigger than average anyway, but I didn't find her repulsive, whereas for example I wouldn't have liked Curvy Kim whom you reviewed, so if you're into that kind of girl (and you don't mind a punt with no kissing) she might be a reasonable choice for you.

Offline LL

Good review.  Sorry you had a shit punt.  Be strong next time - walk!

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