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Author Topic: London in february, looking for advice.  (Read 339 times)

Offline ap3xx

Coming to the U.K in february, and thought I would get myself something special, although I have no clue about where to go or who to call.

I'm looking for good legit agencies or independents with "glamour model looks".

Anyone have any tips?


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Offline d00fer

I'll bite.

I suggest you have a good read on here first, there's a wealth of information that can help you. If, after that you have specific questions please ask them, such as location (even in London), price, looks preferences, service preferences, etc., but keep them specific.

Offline Matium


You do know this is the most sophisticated forum in Britain, don't you?

And that we don't trust wankers, sorry newbies who can't be arsed to look through the reviews on London, if you intend to punt in London.

But then are you a man? Men don't put xx's in their screen name, rather feminine don't you think?

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