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Offline jason26

She is a genuine BBW so if you are into the slimmer lady then she is not for you. I tentatively decided on the whole this was a positive experience but her stubbornness and initial unwillingness before the exchange of paperwork was frustrating. She firstly refused outright kissing which is her prerogative even though I am not used to being refused this. She then also added kissing her body was not allowed (rhetoric as she allowed me to kiss her neck and fondle and suck her tits) and I had to choose either oral or sex only. When I insisted that I was only willing to go ahead with both or nothing she finally agreed.

Despite her initial reluctance when it came down to business she was very obliging and surprisingly turned on (uncertain if this was her acting). She gave me OWO, constantly maintaining eye contact and she seems to enjoy giving head. She then put the rubber on with her mouth to which she jokingly said how many escorts have you had put a condom on you with their mouth. Fair point lol.

We started with cowgirl and my word she was wet. Despite her saying that kissing her body was not allowed I fondled and sucked her nipples which look amazing dangling over your face. She constantly maintained eye contact looking at me in a slutty way. She seemed quite responsive we then moved onto doggy and I banged away for a good 5 minutes and she progressively started to moan more. I wanted to finish off in missionary (my favorite position) to which she sarcastically remarked 'how romantic.' lol She did do that annoying thing of laying her feet over the back of my legs thus restricting my mobility but as I got going she then raised her legs and started both moaning and panting.  When I eventually popped she squeezed my arms in a passion which I reckon is all an act on her part.

Overall I actually enjoyed the shag hence why a positive however she can niggle you now and again and that was only during a 15 minute booking!
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5 review(s) found for LANA SUMMER 22 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

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