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Author Topic: Undercover  (Read 912 times)

Offline Matium

How do you keep undercover from your wife?

By that, I mean how do you explain your time on the computer?, the mileage on your car?, the money that should be in the bank account but isn't?

I think one of the most important defences a punter can put up against a suspicious wife is Acting.

Acting so gormless in front of you wife so that even f the worst happens, (ie you're spotted by one of her friends with a woman), she'll dismiss any idea of you seeing a prostitute because it just wouldn't occur to her that you had the gumption to do such a thing.

Always let her think she's in charge ;)
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Offline yorkshire123

I work 60% away from home & 40% at home so punting, mileage & PC browsing isn't an issue.
I work for myself & make sure I have a large expenses kitty so money isn't an issue.
As far as suspicion is concerned, as long as I phone home at the right times & don't shit on my own doorstep then so far I've been ok.
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Offline cueball

1) money nothing to do with Mrs cueball, separate accounts

2) motor mileage, always running about, not controlled.

3) I'm on my own tablet, always have another site opened up in background, innocent interest, so I can flick immediately to it.

4) very rarely punt at weekend but if I do, my excuse is a attending a muddy cold motorsport event, I do have to take my big coat and wellies to a punt to look plausible, obviously they stay in the boot of the motor.

Offline Taggart

I have two bank accounts of my own, both online, so Mrs T has no idea what's what.
Mileage is not an issue as I drive for work. It's not her car anyway.

Phones/ipad do not store locations either.  And I never punt locally.
Plus when going on a punt, I check to make sure I am not followed.

Offline sticko

Separate bank accounts, plus I get paid a lot more than Mrs S so she doesn't really know what my net income is, just that I put a decent amount of cash into a joint account every month.  I punt in London so take public transport and 'work late' - which I often do for real.  As long as I set up a 'home late' excuse during the day I can come home whenever.  In fact if I punt for an hour at 6.30 / 7pm, then I can get home for the kids' bedtime and everyone's happy.  Especially me.


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