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Author Topic: The Pleasure Dome, Birmingham.  (Read 25059 times)

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TPD must be busy today. All three numbers on the website are going unanswered.

I only had two quick questions. Are all the girls on today's rota actually working today and do the prices include the likes list shown in their individual profiles?

We had a problem with our intercom system yesterday and the guy couldnt fix it until this morning at 11am when we opened.   If you check our social page on website you will see a tweet saying we wont be opening until 12ish today.   If in any doubt refer to our social page on website for more current up-to-dates.   

Offline howrude

To name a few:

Skye 20, size 6
Sabrina 20s size 4-6
Roxy 20s size 6
Kendra 20s size 8

Yes we do have ladies in their 40s me included size 14, we don't have anyone a size 16 but if we did so what?   I appreciate myself and Lara are not everyone's cup of tea but we do have smaller British/European ladies.     

Have you ever visited Annabels?  That is where the Libra girls are and Bluebell, not need to go to Amsterdam they are all on your doorstep!
I think it's absolutely great that you're including some larger ladies rather than assuming all men like slimmer ones. I think Lara and Linzi-Dawn look sensational and if I lived any nearer I would be down there like a shot.

Online Juankerr

TPD are advertising a stunning looking Lady called Bia on their Twitter feed. I did call today to find out if she was there but sadly she is not available at present but if she does come to TPD I would be very interested.
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Stunning lady, she is from phoenix club London, have personally partied with her on my last visit and was very impressed, :thumbsup: she is in my review of phoenix party.

Online Juankerr

Thanks for the info KCS.  :hi:

She was scheduled to be here from this week according to the twitter feed but I was told she has gone home instead ( nothing to do with TPD I might add ) but she may be here in July, here's hoping!!

Hi Linz and other fellow punters,

I have now visited the pleasure dome twice both experiences have been the most memorable I have possibly ever had.... I first saw Carly who if ur brave, willing, and a horny respectful person will take you to your ... excuse the punt but fucking limits ..... she wanted to fuck the life out my cock thats all I can say lol.
Tonight I saw Linzi who is the boss and there is nothing quite fucking the boss  :drinks: :drinks: .... I found out why this lady is 1 of the best in the industry.... it was a natural experience that had  lot of fun and the sexual experiences were met and surpassed every other experience but with an edge..... if you are looking for someone that will take care of your needs she will take them to a level I would say rare to find.... I am new to this but not to punting and its only now I have felt the need to join through my experience at the pleasure dome..... I urge all us punters to get behind the pleasure dome as its a great friendly environment that delivers expectations like no other..... Also no disrespect to the foreign ladies but our own are becoming far and few between we need to get english ladies working for 1 of the best in the industry..... if we don't support then we only have our selves to blame..... finally as you can all see I am 1 happy experienced punter that has also offered services in the industry..... But Linzi is looking at retiring shortly from working her self so if you want to see 1 of the best before she leaves to seek a business role Suggest we get in there lol.
PS Linzi yes it is me the slightly crazy gent lol.  :yahoo:

Offline tnalove

PS Linzi yes it is me the slightly crazy gent lol.  :yahoo:

Your last line doesn't narrow you down much at all...

And certainly your reasoning behind your name doesn't either!

Banning reason: Fluffy

Offline broksonic

Don't know if this means the pleasuredome has closed , but the website seems to of disappeared
Banning reason: White-knight leaver

As above anyone know whats going on

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