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Author Topic: Great feedback but not my kind of girl  (Read 10664 times)

Offline AnthG

She looks like she needs a bath  :scare:

Just for the record....saw her a couple of years ago, a few times.  She is stunning and the wildest experience I've ever had.

I think she has now had a bath in the 5 years this topic was posted. So I am not sure why you have even bumped this.

The photos she has now in 2016 are not appealing at all though. And £200 per hour. Is crazy prices.

Offline Nagilum

She would shag you rotten. Know a Good one when you spot it.


the reason for the bump was simple - I was looking for unusual girls on reviews (via the search function) and saw this - thought some of the comments were unfair so I went ahead and posted.   I like unshaven, punky girls (especially with hairy armpits) and if you search some related terms this post doesnt come too far down the list.    Nothing sinister!

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