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Author Topic: Has anyone had a blow job like this from a WG - recommendations required  (Read 4469 times)

Seen the videos via the other thread and brought back some memories.
Never knew what edging was but certainly experienced it with Kerry at London Street years ago..once  booked her for 45 minutes..40 of which consisted of the most amazing bj in my life and rather like Loser's post I let out such a shout at the point of no return that I'm sure YoYo the parrot laid an egg in the lounge.

There was also a petite raven haired local girl called Katrina who used to give a half hour prolonged hand job like the red haired lass on the video which she callled a "Katrina Special"...0 out of 10 for imagination but 10out of 10 for technique....simply awesome.

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