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Author Topic: So Thai Spa  (Read 1664 times)

Offline 76shen

As anyone visited - So Thai Spa - in Wandsworth bridge road. any information on the place and the girls working here, do they give extras.

Offline 76shen

Thanks, maybe i'll visit the place sometime, see if I can get something.

Offline LL

I got in touch with them as I was curious.  They've rebranded to this...

From the website it looks pretty legitimate to me - i.e. I don't think it's very likely you'll get tugged off at the end  :)

Offline 76shen

Thanks. drove past the place a couple of times, looks too quiet.

I go here a lot and there's never been any hint of extras. It's a great massage, lots of them do a great thing at the beginning where they walk their knees up your legs, rest them on your ass cheeks and rub your back - but that's as titillating as it gets. If i'm missing out and someone's had extras i'd love to hear how you got them!

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