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Author Topic: Christmas dream punt  (Read 414 times)

Offline Matium

Christmas is coming - so now is the time to save up for your dream punt!

2 girls? 3 girls? an all nighter?

How will you be celebrating a Punting Christmas?


Offline philuk1uk

This is an excellent question that requires deep thought!

How about the 12 days of punting?!  :D

Offline Ali Katt

How about the 12 days of punting?!
:D The maids are milking could be interesting.

Out of interest has anyone fucked a girl in a Santa suit - I can't say I have. Not sure if I'd want to regardless of how low-cut it is.

Offline Matium

Wouldn't it be a dream to have a Christmas Party at HoD and have as many girls as you want all day long?


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