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Author Topic: Fantasies...  (Read 1097 times)

Offline Dino

As Punting makes it much more likely to happen...

Which fantasies have you managed to act out since you started Punting??  and, Did it/they live up to your expectations?


Is there any you are still wanting to act out ???
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Offline Trelf

I've always fantasized about being with a "girlfriend" and her mate popping by just as we are about to go at it and the friend insisting on joining in!
So basically a threesome but an unexpected one!
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Offline Dino

As I started the thread then didn't contribute a response I feel it's only right I do so...

I think mine has always been to see ladies I usually wouldn't be able to pull.  Watching them perform etc and thinking what a lucky so&so I am - which obviously I've got to do numerous times and most of them lived upto expectation

Apart from that, I've had 2-3 duos - first been at mine which was a truly amazing experience, other was good fun too mind just the first lives in memory more due to venue etc

Besides from those 2, I think I'm still to tick a few things off....
Sure I think I've had the possible opportunity, but believe it's maybe more a case of wanting to do some things when I'm fully in the mood etc rather than just doing it to tick it off my list.  Especially with wanting & hoping it to live up to expectations

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Offline Bengeo13

Mine (or at least one of them) goes back decades. 20 years at least!
I was once travelling on the 'up' escalator in Top Shop in the Gallowgate end of Eldon Square. For some reason I cast a backward glance and the extra height on the escalator allowed me to peek a view of a couple 'getting it on' in a ladies changing cubicle. With the escalator still going upwards it was a momentary vision, so fleeting that I had to go down the stairs and back up again to confirm what I had witnessed.
I hope you don't regard my interest as strange but I found the whole scenario very erotic.
It hasn't become an obsession but from time to time it crosses my mind, but everywhere seems so well policed these days, attendants, etc., that it remains an unfulfilled fantasy!
Any thoughts who might be up for it as an outcall?

Offline Mansell

It's a DUO for me, currently thinking it might be better if I have seen each of the girls seperatley first to build up that comfort feeling that you get when you have seen one of them more than once. So a little while to wait yet  :(

Offline Barbar13


Hi Guys,
Happened to pick up the thread so greetings from the North East. This reminds me of something similar that I actually arranged a few years ago.

In short.....returning from London on East Coast Mainline I had arranged for the brilliant Kirsten to board the train at York. That gave us an hour into Newcastle central. Business attire (skirt suit) in dark navy with a long winter coat to keep out the chill. To the casual observer a chance meeting.....two brief cases heading home..... nothing flashed or obvious but clearly a hot connection with a lot of innuendo and suggestive conversation. Passengers in The vicinity of our seats were clearly more interested in our "chat" than their I pads, phones, books or papers. WE left the train at Newcastle with many pairs of eyes boring into us. and, Im pretty sure the odd jealous traveller.
20 minutes later we are at her apartment with her skirt hitched up, her buttons undone and she is bent over her sofa with me buried deep inside her and her beautiful breasts over her very lacy navy bra. I stayed the night. Expensive? no. Priceless? yes. Repeated since? no.

Arrange it if you want it. Lifes too short.

Barbar 13

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